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In August 1997, Steve Vorenberg, President of Quinsept Software, closed his business because it was not making any money. Quinsept was the producer of Quinsept's Family Roots and other genealogy software for a variety of platforms. :-(

I have added this section to my website to start compiling information for "orphaned" users of Quinsept's Family Roots genealogy software -- both for DOS and Mac. I currently have very little information to put here, but expect to add more soon as I try to figure out what I will do myself. If you have any questions or information about Quinsept's genealogy programs, or know how to transport your data to other genealogy programs, please share it with the subscribers of my list FAMILYROOTS-L. I will probably be of little use to you with technical questions: I simply wanted to put together a page that you could find if you, too, were tearing your hair out with the demise of this program.

This site has no official connection with either the Quinsept company or their Family Roots software. The purpose of this site is solely to compile information and to use the Internet to help other "orphaned" users of the software.

Resources at this site:

Useful links to other resources on the Internet:

Note: This status of this newsletter seems to be up in the air, and probably won't continue. If possible, I will try to obtain copies of the past issues.

Organizer: Bob Mitchell, 102 Broadfield Ln, Spotsylvania, VA 22553-9101; Tel. 540-898-7767, treehugger@earthlink.net (No guarantees on this e-mail address still being valid!)

Formed August 1983 and had 1700 members world-wide as of Aug 1991.

"The FR import module was designed by Wholly Genes Software under consultation with Quinsept, Inc., and reads the FR data files directly in order to achieve the best possible data transfer. Under those circumstances, it wonât surprise you that all data types are handled in the most comprehensive way possible. In most cases, the default import options will achieve the best results, requiring little or no customization on the part of the researcher."

Please note: This is an option for users of the DOS version only; TMG is not available for the Macintosh.

Subject: Announcing FR2TMG mailing list
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 97 23:25:55 GMT
From: kathryn@bassett.net (Kathryn Bassett)

About the FR2TMG list. This list is intended to be for questions and comments relating to importing (dos) Family Roots (FR) data into The Master Genealogist (TMG) (windows). If your question is on the actual use of TMG, then the proper forum to address those questions is TMG-L, not this one. However, if you have a question such as "I was able to do *this* in FR, how do I get the equivalent in TMG", this is also appropriate. Note that Family Roots is the program by Quinsept, *not* the Roots group of programs by Commsoft.

The listowner is Kathryn Bassett - kathryn@bassett.net. If you have a problem subscribing, you may contact her directly for help.

To subscribe to FR2TMG-L, in mail mode, send a message to FR2TMG-L-request@rootsweb.com that contains the word
and nothing else (turn off your sig file please).

If you prefer digest mode, send the command instead to FR2TMG-D-request@rootsweb.com

Notice the difference is L for list, or D for digest. This list will probably have small enough activity that the list version (individual emails) is better; less likelyhood of quoting a whole digest worth of stuff (a no-no, in case you didn't know that).

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