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Quinsept's Family Roots "Orphans"

Frequently-Asked Questions

This is my own personal FAQ. If there's anything you want to know which is not here, it wouldn't surprise me, but I'll try to find out more as I go along.

  1. Q. How do I contact Steve Vorenberg, former president of Quinsept?
    A. Steve Vorenberg, former president of Quinsept, requests that you contact Kathryn Bassett (kathryn@bassett.net) before contacting him. If it's necessary to contact him, the email address is scvscv@rcn.com

  2. Q. What's the best way to transfer my FR data to another genealogy program on a PC?
    A. Use The Master Genealogist with its FR import module, and sign up for the FR2TMG List by sending the word subscribe as the only word in the body of a message to FR2TMG-L-request@rootsweb.com

  3. Q. What's the best way to transfer my FR data to another genealogy program on a Mac?
    A. Ack. Save the info as GEDCOM with Family Links and import it (if you can get it to work), or contact Steve (above) and see if he will convert it to GEDCOM for you. Then pray the data doesn't contain too many strange symbols and quirks -- like changing every maritial status to "Divorced."

    Another way (more complicated and expensive, but perhaps more accurate!) is to have the Mac data translated into DOS data (again, by Kathryn Bassett, kathryn@bassett.net), then import it directly into The Master Genealogist on the PC (the only PC program with Family Roots import capabilities), then export it from The Master Genealogist with its more extensive export features.

  4. Q. The GEDCOM export utility Family Links crashes my PowerMac with a "bus error" -- what's the problem?
    A. Family Links apparently doesn't run on PowerMacs -- try using it on a non-PowerMac.

  5. Q. I can't get Family Links to work on my Mac-- what should I do?
    A. Contact Karthyn Bassett (kathryn@bassett.net) and ask if about coverting your database for you.

  6. Q. What were the last versions of Family Roots and Family Links ?
    Apple DOS 3.3
    Apple ProDOS
    IBM & compatible
    4.4D <-- 4.5 was not released
    Commodore 64
    Commodore 128
    FAMILY LINK for the Mac 1.3M
  7. Q. Where can I obtain upgrades to the last versions?
    Try contacting Kathryn Bassett (kathryn@bassett.net), who will send out copies (with Steve's okay) if you send her a mailing label and postage for either the PC or the Mac. Ask her for the "upgrade FAQ" for how much postage to send. She was Quinsept's SoCal rep from 1984 on, and did the manual for the DOS version 4. She also will, for a fee, convert Mac or Apple II databases to PC, to make the transition to something like The Master Genealogist easier.

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