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from "Art in the December Exhibitions," New York Times, Dec. 18, 1921, VI, 8:30

Armstrong Sperry is another artist to "come under the spell of the the South Seas," and his paintings at the Art Centre have the admirable characteristic of individuality. They neither overemphasize the picturesqueness of the material nor the wild amaze of the artist in confronting it, but are sober and careful and interested records of scenes interesting in themselves and sufficiently well painted to hold their interest in the interpretation. It is not an interpretation marked by crass literalness and yet the catalogue tells the story of a villager in Bora Bora, where no one ever had painted before, trying to pick a figure in one of the pictures off the canvas. The natives dance the hula at night at full of the moon and these moonlight dances form the motives for the best things in the collection.

The exhibition will be open until Christmas Day inclusive.

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