"Journeys Begin"

Note from the Webweaver: I was contacted in 2002 via email by the owner of this painting, GKW of Arizona, who has given his kind permission to post an image of it at this site. This oil painting had been in his family for seventy years, and he was trying to find out more information about it and the artist. His grandfather, "found the painting in the trash sometime in the early 30's; he carefully wrapped it in some burlap and cardboard and carried it home, along with his toolbox, on the street car in Chicago." He added, "As a child, I always thought the young people in the painting were my grandma and grandpa!" It is possibly an illustration for a magazine or book, but I have no concrete information about it at this time.

They sat down together on the newly-scrubbed steps.

"Jim, if I married you there wouldn't be no Egypt nor anything like that in our young lives," she said gravely.

Journeys Begin

Dimensions: 20" x 24"

The following paper is taped to the back of the canvas, in my grandfather's handwriting:


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