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One Day with Tuktu dustjacket

One Day with Tuktu
An Eskimo Boy

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry

The Junior Literary Guild
John C. Winston, New York, 1939

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From the dustjacket:

Tuktu is an Eskimo boy. He lives in the Far North in a house made of ice blocks. He dresses in warm furs. Tuktu and his brother play a game together. They make seals and nanooks (or polar bears) out of ice, and shoot at them with their bows and arrows. Imagine how thrilled Tuktu was when one day his father said he was old enough to go on a real seal hunt! Tuktu's adventures going after seals in the dog sled, and how he proved his courage in the face of a real nanook, make a most exciting story. You will like Tuktu, who is a real boy and a very brave one.

This book is a Junior Literary Guild Selection, having been chosen by the Editorial Board consisting of Helen Ferris, Angelo Patri, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Mrs. Sidonie Gruenberg as an outstanding publication of the month for youngest readers (P Group).

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