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One Day with Manu dustjacket

One Day with Manu

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry

John C. Winston, New York, 1933

This the first book Sperry wrote and illustrated. It is dedicated: "This book is for Margaret, who helped it to grow. And for Susan, who may some day read it." It originally sold for $2.00.

From the dustjacket:

Manu is a very real little boy, just like you or me, who lives on the island of Bora Bora, that "looks like a pirate's hat," away down in the South Seas. As you can see in the pictures, his skin is a beautiful coppery brown and he wears but few clothes.

Now King Opu Nui of Bora Bora (his name means Big Stomach) was very fond of feasts. On this particular day he ordered all his people to prepare much food for a great picnic dinner in the evening. Manu, among others, helped gather all the good things to eat -- a great bunch of bananas from the jungle and many bright fish from the sea, which he speared as he swam under the water. As a reward for his hard work, Manu was allowed to cook the family pig. And this was Manu's first pig.

King Opu Nui was very fond of roast pig. At the feast he always asked for pig. At the feast he always asked for pig, and publicly praised the good cooks and scolded the poor ones.

How do you think Manu cooked his pig for King Opu Nui? And how would you roast a pig for a King? Wouldn't you tremble as Manu did when the King took the first taste of the pig? Come then, and spend a day with Manu -- romp and play with him, work with him as you gather the food for the feast, swim under the water and spear fish, help him roast the pig and then share with him the rewards. Just turn the pages and you will meet and spend ONE DAY WITH MANU.

Three of the spectacular two-page color illustrations from One Day with Manu.

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Illustration from One Day with Manu: boys swimming in the reef

Illustration from One Day with Manu: boys in trees

Illustration from One Day with Manu: boys surfing with dolphins

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