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Storm Canvas dustjacket

Lost Lagoon:
A Pacific Adventure

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

Doubleday, Doran & Co., New York, 1940

From the dustjacket:

In LOST LAGOON Armstrong Sperry has written a fine story of high adventure and illustrated it with drawings that are full of action to match the spirit of the tale and the feeling for the rich beauty of the South Sea Islands which he knows so well.

He has made very real that remote Pacific world in which Judd Anders of this story lived. But Judd was going away from Tahiti and all its tropical beauty to a land he had never seen. "True, America was his own country -- his father had never allowed him to forget that. But he had been born in this forgotten valley among the islands of the Pacific and here he belonged. As for college, what did he care about classes and textbooks and fraternities? The sea had been his school and he had been content."

But now Judd, orphaned at seventeen, had sold his father's plantation and would sail tomorrow to California to the University -- because it had been his father's wish.

Adventure in a strange guise stepped in, however, and Judd found himself instead aboard a mystery ship headed for the opposite quarter of the Pacific. Chance had thrown him with his new friend, the young scientist, but force kept them together for months among an ill-assorted outfit of men in search of a store of gold buried deep in a tramp ship sunk during the World War.

ARMSTRONG SPERRY is the popular author-illustrator of other favorites among boys and girls, but this is his first story of modern mystery and adventure.

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